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Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

A healthy diet is good for the body, just like a healthy hair care regimen keeps your mane in mint condition. Jot down these tips to have ahead of hair that turns heads! Keeping your hair healthy makes it feel and look way better and our mens hair salon Denver can help you in this with a proper haircut. It also encourages new hair growth, so you’ll have more volume. Hair needs a certain amount of protein to stay strong against damage from heat styling tools, the elements, and your high-maintenance color treatments. There’s a good chance that you’re not getting enough protein in your diet if your hair is always breaking off. Adding natural protein sources to your meals while reducing consumption of processed foods can help, while taking supplements may be helpful too. Protein deficiency can show up as thinning or bald patches, dryness, and brittleness all over, or a general lack of luster. To get the best results from the products you use on your hair, make sure they are free of harmful chemicals.

Hydrate Your Hair Regularly

Most people think of their skin whenever they hear the word hydration. But your hair needs hydration too! With all the elements constantly trying to sap it of its natural moisture, your hair needs some loving care. Drinking enough water and using deep conditioning masks can help reverse the damage done by environmental stressors. You may also want to try low-poo or no-poo methods (if you’re not already doing so) like clay washes. Their naturally dry texture helps draw out impurities while retaining essential oils for hair that looks healthy and feels soft.

Towel Drying

Using a towel to dry is not healthy for your hair and can damage it. If you’re not air drying, dry it with a t-shirt or microfiber hair towel. The fabric of the shirt is much more gentle on your hair than terry cloth and prevents frizziness. This also cuts down on blowdrying time – which causes damage.

Blow Drying

This has to be one of the worst practices for healthy hair. Blow dryers are rough on hair, partly because they cause friction (remember all those years in elementary school when mom would brush your wet hair? All that brushing does some real damage). Of course, there are times where we need to use heat, like curling or straightening our roots, before heading out into the world.


When you are washing your hair, you should not shampoo every day. It would help if you only shampooed every other day or every two days maximum. Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, but this is not a problem since you are not washing it every day. If you absolutely must wash your hair every day, then use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo that does not have sulfates or harsh chemicals in them.


Conditioner is your friend. After you shampoo, while your hair is still wet, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and work up until you can’t feel any crunchy spots (shampoo residue.) This will protect the ends of your hair from damage caused by brushing.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Listed in the paragraphs above are many ways to keep your hair healthy. However, if you don’t take care of your hair, all the moisturizing in the world won’t save it. Whether you live in a dry cold climate or have naturally dry hair, moisturize! Moisturizing will keep your ends soft and help protect them from damage that brushing can cause. So remember to do these things to keep yourself healthy!