5 Key Benefits of Built-Up Roofing Installation

5 Key Benefits of Built-Up Roofing Installation

A Built-Up Roofing system is an alternative layer of bitumen and reinforcing materials. The layered combination of materials helps them gain their waterproofing characteristics. 

Built-up roofing installation is particularly recommended for low-slope rooftops. An acute mix of high-quality materials can offer numerous advantages for different types of buildings. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a built-up roofing installation and know if it’s suitable for your building!

Built-Up Roofing Installation System: How It Helps?

  1. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Although built-up roofing requires maintenance, the amount is much lower compared to other roofing materials. Built-up roofing installation is done by applying large sheets with a shallow profile compared to design shingles. 

Because of having fewer individual parts, they are less likely to get damaged, which means regular maintenance isn’t mandated for such roofing options. 

  1. High Durability

Compared to the cost and efficiency of the ballasted asphalt and a high-quality ply layer, built-up rooftops show exceptional durability. Installation of a built-up roof by expert roofers like roof repair Phoenix can last as long as 20 years, subject to the weather conditions. 

Comparing this to a cheaper rolled-out alternative, the longevity can be reduced by up to 10 years, particularly if you have a lot of low-slope roofing to cover over a short time. Considering the money value, opting for built-up roofing is more viable.  

  1. Multi-Layer Protection

Built-up rooftops are layered sheets of bitumen and surfacing materials. The multiple layering of combined materials provides several benefits, including insulation. It even helps keep the building warm during winter while preventing moisture as well by its sheet-like nature. 

These multiple layers don’t just maintain the thermal balance within the building but also make them long-lasting, subject to the degree of work proficiency. Thus it’s recommended to hire experts like roof repair Phoenix to gain optimum value of money. 

  1. Fire Protection

Although Ballasted asphalt is a convenient option for such roofing because it possesses fire-retardant properties while facilitating attractive fit and finish. 

The cold built-up roofing is still a better choice because, besides facilitating fire protection, it is more environmentally friendly and easy to install. Moreover, it doesn’t produce annoying and possibly harmful fumes as well. 

  1. Easy to Repair if Something Goes Wrong

The common signs that damaged built-up roofing would show are blisters, ripples in the surface, or cracks in the material. These problems are pretty easy to fix, and a possible quick DIY hack can help you get done with the work. 

Further, even if you consult an expert like roof repair Phoenix, the repair costs are considerably low compared to others. Making it the fast, affordable, and less stressful roofing alternative.

Bottom Line

Built-up roofing is one of the most viable options for commercial building owners looking to install low-slope roofs. There’s no reason to exercise any other option with the number of benefits the build-up roofing offers.

However, remember, the proficiency of a built-up roofing system entirely depends on the material you choose to work with. So make sure you acquire the related knowledge before beginning with the work.