Strain Specific Terpenes

How Strain-Specific Terpenes Are Good for Health?

Terpenes are found in quite a number of plants. Still, it is mainly associated with cannabis plants as they contain significant concentrations, and they are usually hydrocarbon compounds with a distinct aroma. Apart from cannabis, a few other examples are plants like pine and lavender. 

The plants’ fragrance, color, and taste are primarily due to the combination of terpenes. These terpenes effectively prevent the animals from grazing by causing a strong reaction. Apart from that, in some plants, they help attract pollinators and play a protective role in keeping away infectious germs and helping them recover from damage. 

What are strain-specific terpenes?

They are artificial terpenes that are formulated scientifically to imitate real terpenes by knowing the proportions of natural terpenes. The strain-specific terpenes are usually created by identifying the correct amounts of ratio in strains and then reversing them to make it by removing the cannabinoid. The strain-specific terpenes for sale are designed in such a manner that they match the profiles of flowers containing essentials. Also, they taste very similar to the specific terpenes. 

Terpenes are also quite beneficial for our health when used properly because they have medicinal properties which benefit us. 

How strain-specific terpenes are beneficial for our health :

  1. The terpenes work in the same manner as aromatherapy, as inhaling the smell of certain terpenes has been seen to impact our emotional well-being and stress positively. Terpenes like linalool and lavender have a mild floral scent and calming effects. 
  1. It has been seen that some terpenes have anti-inflammatory responses. Terpenes like limonene help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.
  1. Terpenes are potential painkillers. For example, myrcene has been throughout used as a painkiller as they have the property to inhibit pain and inflammation.
  1. Some terpenes have anti-microbial and anti-cancer properties. For example, pinene has properties that can protect us from UV rays, and it has also displayed anti-microbial properties against some bacterial and fungal infections; beta-caryophyllene has.
  1. Some terpenes for sale like pinene also have visible effects against Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions and symptoms.
  1. Terpenes like beta-caryophyllene have helped in conditions like arthritis and swelling of lymph nodes. 
  1. The terpene Humulene is effective at treating allergies when taken orally or inhaled. It has also been observed that humulene has effectively killed cancer cells, and it helps the growth of any tumor by shutting off the antioxidant process. 


We have discussed the different health benefits of terpenes in the points mentioned above. But before you start experimenting with them, you must read the label and have an idea about the terpene profile, check their concentration as their benefits and smell diminish with time and lastly, keep track of how your ingestion method and how you feel with different terpenes.