Top 5 Marketing Agencies in Arizona

Based in Arizona, you’ve probably recognized the need for some assistance when it comes to marketing. These days, even the largest companies outsource some marketing tasks because they know the value they get in return. Whether you’re a small or large business, there’s something to be gained from contacting marketing experts. You can scale services as you grow, you have experts on your side, you get ahead of the competition, and more. But how do you get started?

Marketing in Arizona

Here are five of the best marketing agencies based in Arizona! 

1. SDARR Studios 

It’s hard to look past SDARR Studios in 2020 and this is because of the extensive services on offer. If you want to get results while also receiving a return on your investment, this is one of the best companies around. Tailoring the service to each client, SDARR Studios will attack a marketing strategy from every angle. This means keyword research, link building, website optimization, reporting and analysis, and more.

SDARR Studios stay on top of Google algorithms and Facebook trends so that you don’t have to. Why not get your SEO efforts off the ground today?


As an ad agency owned by the employees, LAVIDGE is a service that has grown in popularity in recent times. Whether you want to boost online revenue or just generate some brand awareness, LAVIDGE will help with this goal. The service will consider public relations, digital marketing, advertising, and several other aspects. Having launched in the early 1980s, LAVIDGE is coming up on 40 years of experience and has seen the ups and downs in the industry.

3. Zion & Zion 

Next, we have Zion & Zion, which is another ad agency that specializes in several areas. These days, the industry has learned that marketing is not just a one-faceted approach. Instead, companies need to be active across a wealth of platforms and available at any given moment to capitalize on the interest of consumers. With this in mind, the services from Zion & Zion stretch to branding and campaigns, paid search, web design and development, marketing automation, and beyond.

4. The James Agency 

With the tagline ‘we exist to inspire’, The James Agency is another that has captured the imagination of business clients in recent times. The beauty of choosing The James Agency is that you’re supporting a service that began with one woman, an idea, and a living room. Back in 2005, Veronique James looked at the services available in the industry and decided that she could offer better. Despite the growth, this is still clearly a service led by the motivation and ideas of one leader.

The marketers never make outlandish claims; instead, they put your marketing plan first and remain transparent throughout your contact with them.

5. Off Madison Ave 

Finally, we come to a service located in Phoenix and one that uses proven models to consider consumer behavior and use these insights to shape your marketing strategy. Off Madison Ave consider three aspects of consumer behavior:

  • Motivations that impact desire
  • Prompts that encourage people to act
  • Ways in which companies can affect decisions

Depending on the level of support you need, the company offers branding, creative, social media, public relations, and media services.


We have five efficient and effective Arizona marketing agencies here, and you should choose the one that matches your needs closest. With SDARR Studios, it’s a great place to start because the services are broken down and you can work with experts as the business grows and your own need for assistance grows with it!