arizona outlaw

Off Road Rentals

Exploring The Desert In An Off Road Rental

arizona outlawLike any cool Outlaw I prefer to roam the open desert with a handle a whisky and my favorite fire arm. A true bandit of the south, I live for getting out into the washes of the desert and exploring. While I am there I will fire off a few rounds and sip some aged home brewed ale. Nothing fancy here, just me and my guns. The problem I have though is that my vehicles aren’t made for that kind of terrain. I have a Harley Davidson with saddle bags and shotgun holsters, I ma not trading that in for some closed roofed piece of confined metal on wheels. This past year I have opted for off road rentals┬áto get me where I want to go. The hog is great for riding the backroads, but it isn’t going to get me up the hills of the red rocks in Sedona. So as my taste for adventure blossoms into one of pure thirst I will continue to rent various vehicles until I find one that I may want to purchase. The ATV market is wide open with some pretty rad Polaris Razor type vehicles. I have rented Jeeps and quads and prefer the Jeeps over the quads. The Razor style buggies are cool for open desert runs, but I prefer the Jeeps for crawling the hillside. A 5 point seat belt harness and a roll cage is preferred for me. I tend to take risks and rolling is always a possibility. So to stay safe I keep the body strapped in with a harness and the head protected with a roll cage. Arizona is a sprawling landscape full of desert cactus, wild horses, cowboys, guns, and outlaws. I will continue my run as a lawless thrill seeker roaming the streets Arizona looking for my next piece of action, and when I am not in the streets I’ll be deep in the desert in a 4×4 crawling, shredding, ripping, and roaring my through the heartless terrain that exists out there with the snakes and lizards of this barren land.