Business Coach Pete Walsh appears on AM Arizona

Business Coach Pete Walsh appears on AM Arizona

Business Coach Pete Walsh appears on AM Arizona

Coach Pete explains why coaching is the best form of leadership for today’s workforce. His book, Coach to Win the Leadership Game, helps leaders to navigate through today’s business challenges. Learn more:

About Pete Walsh

Pete Walsh helps create stronger relationships that lead to successful and sustainable businesses and families.
Pete Walsh Master Certified Coach

Having spent 16 years in his 90-year-old family business, Coach Pete Walsh knows firsthand the challenges most family businesses face. He’s developed a series of practical and proven
exercises families can use to strengthen their family business and their family.

Coach Pete has earned the right to be the family business coach to many successful families by providing honest and objective feedback that helps families see new ways to communicate and work together as a high performing team. He believes business is a “competitive sport” and uses the same proven process Olympic athletes use called “deliberate practice” to help his clients reach new levels of performance.

Coach Pete founded Peak Workout Business Coaching in 1997. In 2008, he wrote the book Coach to Win The Leadership Game which details his belief that being a coaching leader is the most effective way to get the most out of today’s work teams.

In 2013, he launched the Family Business Performance Center with the intention of impacting more family businesses by making his proven practices available free online to any family business willing and ready to start getting stronger.

Coach Pete is a second generation Arizona native and lives in Phoenix. He is blessed with a wonderful wife of 26 years and 2 great 20-something children who have worked for him in his business but went on to follow their own dreams. He enjoys golf, walking his dog and spending summers in Northern Arizona. He considers it an honor to get to be on so many great family business teams!

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